HALAR Coating

Ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene Coating

Since its introduction the market, ECTFE has been used in industries where corrosion resistance is needed. It is resistant to acids at high concentrations and temperatures, caustic media, oxidizing agents and many solvents. It is said to have similar chemical resistance to PTFE.

A chemical resistance table based on immersion coupon tests is available. Designed to provide unrivalled chemical corrosion protection, ECTFE possesses the best permeation resistance of all of the fluoropolymer families. This coating can resist most oxidizing agents, solvents, caustic media and even high concentration of strong acids at elevated temperatures.

  • Non-Antistatic Halar Coating (Greenish Grey Colour)
  •  Antistatic Halar Coating (Black Colour)
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