This kind of peeler operates on the principle of centrifugal force to separate the solids from the liquids. This is Horizontal type are used for batch and continues centrifuge processes. The chemical version of the horizontal peeler centrifuges is used for separating medium to large quantities of product that can be washed and then spin-dried.

These machines are fitted with a highly polished discharge chute with zero dead ends to prevent solid accumulation. The centrifuge finds wide usage in the APIs, Chemical, pharmaceutical intermediates, antibiotics, Petro-chemical and many more industries

  • This kind of CF is available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy etc MOC.
  • Also, Fluoropolymer Coatings like Halar (ECTFE), PVDF, ETFE, Teflon (PFA), Rubber Lined etc. can be done on contact surface
  • Coating can be provided on the contact parts as well as on the exterior body (non-contact surface) for prevention from spillage and corrosive atmosphere.
  • Robust & reliable design for high throughput & continuous operation.
  • Excellent design feature as per “cGMP” norms.
  • It can be used in Clean Room Area.
  • Lower residual cake moisture due to highest centrifugal forces.
  • horizontal peeler centrifuge provides higher centrifugal forces than vertical peeler, and increases performances and flexibility.
  • Due to continuous discharge of filtered liquid through perforated inner surface of rotating basket, the pressure drop, main driving force of filtration is increased across the solid cake and filter medium, as a result, the filtration rate can be boosted
Models Basket Diameter Basket Depth Working Capacity under lip Basket load (Max)@ Bulk density 1 gm/cc Basket Revolutions G-force Filteration Area Motor Power Length Width Height Empty Weight
AE CP 630 630 mm. 320 mm. 42 lts. 42 kgs. 2400 rpm. 2021.2 G. 0.633sq.mts. 15kW. 2000 mm. 1200 mm. 1450 mm. 2500 kgs.
AE CP 800 800 mm. 400 mm. 80 lts. 100 kgs. 1900 rpm. 1600 G. 1.01sq.mts. 25-30kW. 2540 mm. 1400 mm. 1950 mm. 4000 kgs.
AE CP 1000 1000 mm. 500 mm. 170 lts. 170 kgs. 1500 rpm. 1253.3 G. 1.57sq.mts. 40kW. 2540 mm. 1450 mm. 1440 mm. 7000 kgs.
AE CP 1250 1250 mm. 630 mm. 320 lts. 400 kgs. 1200 rpm. 1002 G. 2.55sq.mts. 50kW. 3370 mm. 2000 mm. 2550 mm. 10000 kgs.
AE CP 1600 1600 mm. 800-1000 mm. 688-860 lts. 688-860 kgs. 950 rpm. 721.9 G. 4.02-5.03sq.mts. 75-100kW. 3700 mm. 2800 mm. 2900 mm. 23650 kgs.
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